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June 03, 2007


Wendy O

We get "the look" in America too. I don't know why we are such an oddity when it is common knowledge that international adoption exists.
I also received "the look" in China before we had Madeline and even had people soliciting pics with me--I am a plus size woman (here I am large, but not a freak show, but there I was definitely not a common occurance).

I don't think we received any more publicity when we got Madeline in China. I think we were the display; however, she got a lot of negative attention about her limb difference and maybe being with us took off some of that pressure.


Seriously?! Of all the things you have written, this is my favorite! What a smart girl!!!


'We all look like Americans.' I love it!





What a smart girl Marit is! I'm glad she's looking forward to going home too.


What an insightful child. You must be so proud.

mrs. d

may I be Marit when I grow up?


Oh my Gosh - I love the photos! You have to do a series... they're so funny! L

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