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March 19, 2007


Michele (VAMom2Be)

Your post explains so much! Thank you! While in China last Feb we visited Wuhan University - and it looked like a festival with flags of underwear hanging from every balcony. It led us to the astute conclusion that Chinese gentelmen prefer 'tighty whiteys' as opposed to boxers! I don't know the exact number of students that attend that school, but it looked like the underwear of about 10,000 were hanging in the breeze!


I can *almost* picture this contraption based on your description. Maybe you could post a picture sometime? Did you get my email about how to include a picture in your blog post?

Also, since I'm requesting photos.... can I request some of your apartment? I'm so curious to see how the average Chinese person lives.

What do the girls think about China? Do they seem to have a sense of ownership since it's their birth country? What do they think about blending in (perhaps, for a change) and having parents who stand out? Are they picking up the language?

I'm glued to your blog! Please keep writing!



We had friends who built a beautiful one of these for their home (they were into living simply).

With a family of six, I do two loads a day in a huge Maytag. China laundry sounds like it could be tough for me!

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