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As we move about we’ll be introducing you to interesting folks we meet along the way. But, there is a small cast of characters you’ll run across regularly in this blog. Here are their brief bios.

(otherwise known as Dr Wynter or Mom) is the primary reason we are on this little escapade. She’s a university professor who managed to convince her home university (Stephen F. Austin State) to give her some time off to accept a temporary teaching position in China at Weifang University. She’ll turn 50 in Hong Kong later this year.

(otherwise known as Dad) is basically going along with Wynter to tote her bags and keep track of two of the other main characters listed below. He turns 49 this summer, most likely in Beijing.

(otherwise known as Pumpkin) is a precocious child who will complete kindergarten in China. She’ll come home in August still being six years old, the lone member of our cast to not have a birthday while in China this year.

(otherwise known as Moo) is the smallest member of our group coming in at slightly under 3 feet tall. What she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in personality. She’ll turn five in or near Chengdu in August.